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  1. Mastering your IDE

    Most of us, as developers we spend plenty of time improving our programming skills: design patterns, meta-programming, good practices, new languages or frameworks, you name it. Furthermore, even deployment and infrastructure can be managed through code. Hence, we could say that most part of our days revolves around code, as a matter of fact when we aren’t writing code we are reading it. …

  2. Unit Testing with RxJava

    When we are testing our RxJava code we can distinguish three main subjects to be tested: …

  3. Deploying an Android project to Sonatype Nexus

    When we try to deploy an Android to Sonatype Nexus using Gradle Sonatype Nexus plugin, we will encounter (at least in my case) two errors. …

  4. Contact form backed by Parse

    This is the first post of my brand new blog!